While you may have an outstanding product or service, if nobody knows you exist then you’re not going to get the kind of business you need to thrive. There are several factors that can contribute to your conversion rates. It’s simply not enough to include the common items like social share buttons, sales funnels and building a large base of potential customers. You need a system that engages your customers and gets them excited about your products. You want people who can’t wait to purchase your next product or service. The are a few ways to do this, but it’s going to take some insight to get a better understanding of the business process that will bring you the highest conversion rate. While Forbes estimates that 80 percent of entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months. However, with the right tools, you can be part of the 20 percent who succeed.

Calculate Your Conversion Rate

Before you begin, you first need to know your current conversion rate. According to Inc., you can figure out your conversion rate by dividing your number of sales by visitors. A sale could be a download of your free eBook, a click on an advertising module or anything else you’re trying to track. In the case of 1000 sales per 100,000 customers, your current conversion rate works out to one percent.


Mention: Social Media Monitoring

Mention offers real-time social media monitoring, and it’s used by over 500,000 businesses. It helps you to learn what people are saying about your business, your service and your products. You can use this information to control the conversation about your products. Starbucks is an example of a company that listens to and responds to its customers. Using this program will help you get the right promotions and incentives to your customers and increase conversion rates.

In 2016, the introduced a new rewards program with deceptive language. The company stated that customers would earn more stars with each purchase. While technically true, you also had to earn more stars to get the same rewards as the previous program. Customers who only purchased one item with each transaction were actually having to spend about twice as much to earn the same rewards. The backlash was immense, and they recovered by offering several outstanding promotions. The promotions overwhelmed the negative talk about the new program, and they were able to mitigate the negative perceptions of customers and change the conversation.


Conversion Voodoo

Conversion Voodoo is a conversion rate optimizer for your website. It helps you to optimize your landing page so that you can get more customers to purchase your product or service. They design new pages, repair sales funnels and create multiple tests to find out what works best for customers. They also track all of the statistics for your page and basically do all of the work for your website.

The company has a team that is devoted to creating the best tools that are specifically designed to make your website a lead generating and converting machine. The system is easy to setup, and all you have to do is copy and paste a snippet of code into your website. This service will help you get better conversions and increase your customer base.


Usability Hub

In the beginning stages, you want to focus on building traffic to your website. If you’re using content marketing to bring in people to your website, you don’t need to worry much about what your website looks like. Once you start selling a product or service, the game changes completely. At this point, you need to know how your design is affecting your conversion rates. Usability Hub has a suite of tools that are designed to help you make better design decisions.

The suite is completely free, and it tests your buttons, usability and navigation scheme. The site performs five-second impression tests, and it asks the webmaster questions that came up during testing. There is a free and a paid version, but the free version provides a good place to start to begin getting your customers engaged.

It’s best to concentrate on learning and using just a few tools to begin with. Once you understand how a tool works, then you can begin to add new tools to your arsenal. Avoid integrating too much tracking code into your website, as this will actually end up slowing down your site and affecting your conversions. You need a fast, effective website that is optimized so that your customers get everything they need and nothing they don’t.


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