Being able to hire great talent is essential to the lifeblood of any company. A benefit package is an important consideration for employees when they’re deciding if they’re going to work for you or not. The best businesses offer the best perks, and consequently attract the best workers.

Take for example Patagonia. This is a company that cares about its workforce, offering a slew of innovative perks with an emphasis on helping employees balance work and life, especially for workers with children, including on-site child care and flexible work hours. Patagonia’s policy of putting employees’ happiness first has led to impressive growth, with profits more than tripling since 2008. What makes Patagonia unique is a focus on tailoring their perks to what they as a company do as producers of outdoor clothing and gear, with employees being allowed to take time off in the day from work to go surf for an hour, or allowing them to participate in daily company-wide bike excursions and other outdoors activities. As Patagonia’s founder Yves Chouinard put it in the title of his memoir, “Let My People Surf.”


Google is another example of a company that offers stellar perks to its employees. They’re famous for providing everything under the sun at their campuses, from massage therapists to sports facilities to free food, but they also offer more serious perks, such as parental leave policies and death benefits. Google was one of the first companies to offer perks beyond the standard assortment of retirement and healthcare ones, and like Patagonia, they are a company that fervently believes that a happy, healthy employee is the most powerful route to increased growth and profits.

Tax advisory firm Ernst & Young is also known for some of the extravagant perks they lavish on their employees, including personalized concierge services similar to what American Express offers on its most premium credit cards. Like the other companies mentioned in this article, they pair their more eye-catching perks with more standard ones likes affordable healthcare and 401(k) plan contribution matching. Ernst & Young is widely recognized by past and current employees as offering a benefit package well beyond what is expected from even industry-leading firms.


Keeping in the theme of companies that care about their employees’ wellbeing, Deloitte goes above and beyond in helping their people experience life outside of work, giving them an impressive four weeks of full-pay leave per year to do whatever they want, and giving them a whopping three to six months per year of partial-pay leave to volunteer anywhere around the world, or pursue other work-enhancing activities. Of course company employees also get the full suite of more standard perks, such as affordable healthcare, retirement bonuses and much more.

As with many other tech giants, AOL also offers lots of interesting perks, in a field where the right talent is always in short supply. AOL offers generous retirement, family, and vacation perks, and also offers fringe extras such as comprehensive paid maternity and paternity leave. Like Google, AOL offers a lot of other on-campus services, such as spaces for working out and relaxing.


Rounding off this list of companies that offer fantastic benefit packages to their employees is Campbell, the producer of soups and other foodstuffs. Campbell also goes the extra mile for their employees, offering 100% healthcare coverage, after-school care, a full kindergarten program, and even a WellBaby program, with preconception, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy services such as lactation rooms at all 17 of their campuses across the United States.

As a business owner or manager constantly overwhelmed by an ever-increasing barrage of metrics and analytics, it can be easy to lose sight of less quantifiable measures such as employee satisfaction. With a significant majority of workers reporting perks as one of their most crucial consideration when choosing where they are going to work, attracting the right talent to drive growth at your company requires you to offer a strong benefits package. More than that, companies that show that they care about the wellness of their employees at and outside of work are the ones that are going to inspire the greatest loyalty, and attract top-tier candidates. Patagonia, Google, and many others understand this, and reap the rewards that stem from taking care of their people.

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