There’s nothing quite as powerful as video in the world of marketing. It’s simply the most efficient tool available to get your message across about your products or services.

If you want to market your company via videos online there is no site with a larger user base than YouTube. YouTube has over a billion users with a staggering growth rate of 50 percent per year. However, is a YouTube channel the right choice for your business?


1. It Is an Inexpensive Solution

As you may already know very well, the expense of buying commercial airtime on nearly any television or cable channel can be somewhat astronomical. While you can try, you may only be able to afford ads for programs with extremely poor ratings at odd hours of the day.


However, YouTube, on the other hand, is completely free. You’ll still have to pay to produce your video content, but you won’t have to pay a cent to upload it to YouTube’s servers and publish it on the website. While there is no guarantee that you will get a lot of viewers, the possibility of getting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views is there. Better yet, if your video is not a success, the risk is much lower since you did not pay anything to publish it.

2. YouTube Can Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

Today, Google implements something known as “universal search.” Using this method, relevant content will be pushed towards the top of any search performed on Google. This includes YouTube videos. They often appear in the first three search results.


As you probably know, Google now owns YouTube and wants to use its search engine to help promote its other business venture. It also helps that YouTube provides content that search engine users find useful. If you implement the right keywords, you could actually produce a lot of views directly through Google itself.

3. YouTube Can Allow You to Reach Foreign Markets

Another great thing about YouTube is your content is not limited to English speaking users. That is even the case if you originally produced the video content in English. There is the possibility of using subtitle services to add subtitles in any language you wish. Simply have the text of your video translated into subtitles and add them to your video through YouTube’s control panel.


This can allow you to pull in viewers from nearly anywhere in the world you sell your products or services. In fact, YouTube is available in 51 different languages, and the site’s videos receive 1.8 billion views from outside the US every day.

4. YouTube Videos Can Be Embedded

However, just because you publish your video on YouTube does not mean you are limited to drawing views directly from the video page on the website. YouTube videos can also be embedded. This means you can take a little bit of code provided to you by YouTube, copy and paste it into the code for a webpage and the video will load.


This can be a very efficient means of reposting the same video content again and again anywhere you want. You won’t have to upload the video to your own servers to have it exist on your company website or blog. You’ll just have to add a little bit of code to insert the embedded video link.

5. You Can Post the Content You Want

YouTube gives businesses a lot of flexibility. Your content does not need to be limited to a normal commercial format as with traditional video advertising. You can post content that shows consumers how to use your product. You could even publish a cartoon series to promote your company. The possibilities are endless.


Overall, creating a YouTube channel for your company can have a lot of great benefits. Certainly consider adding a YouTube channel to your marketing plans. If successful, your videos can greatly increase awareness of your products or services.

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