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Social media is fundamentally shifting the way the modern business world communicates, forms opinions, organizes and interacts with consumers. It is creating fluidity of everything that is happening and blurring communication boundaries. Big to small business can no longer ignore social media networking. It is part of the fabric that every business has to learn, work and play the game with. On the other hand, social networks pose growing threats in the form of malware to cooperate networks. There is a need for tools such as applications from Blue Coat to filter and control rather than just blocking access to this resource in such a way that businesses networks are secured.


While working with a business or a particular brand it easy for one to think what the brand or the business represent and how it should be perceived. But, it is easier to forget what customer wants. This fact highlights the importance of creating a customer profile that reflects customers’ needs and wants.

A business social media profile should have a structured looks that encourage customers to try your products, reveals features, and content that matter most to target audience. In addition, messaging that will enable potential clients’ to finds you in the first place. For a business venturing in social media marketing, it is fundamental to define target market through conducting a market research and choosing the right channels to reach targeted audience. This involves understanding a business audience and social media platforms that they use. This article provides five essential tips that improve social media engagements.


Ask audience questions

People want a chance to be heard, and they have an opportunity to have a say in comments sections. Asking questions to your audience is one of the best ways to increase engagement with your followers. Questions invite members to join a conversation and make them feel they are being listened, and somebody care about what they have to say. To inspire engagement and take things up in a big notch, a question should be asked creatively. In the long run, this builds valuable relationship with the audience.


Post content that your audience will like

It is crucial to remember that social media page should not only be about you. One should try to figure out the target content that consumer engages with, the types of the websites they frequently visit and topics they find to be most interesting. Posting the right information and content does not only cater to the audience directly but also build a relationship. It is also important, for one think outside the box and come up with content that audience will like to participate in and share and discuss on other social sites.


Connect with social causes and current events

Often social causes may not directly relate to your business, but a business should embrace and promote them on their page. If your business supports a certain cause, it can create a campaign or just spread the word on its social media platforms. Doing nice things for others enhances your business branding since fans are likely to engage with socially responsible content. Besides, being topical with current events, whether it centered on events, holiday, or live shows it brings increased traffic to a business page.


Post light-hearted or funny content and be personal

Posting light-hearted or entertaining content can alleviate the mood of your followers after which they engage with the content of the page. It can be in a form of branded images that have a famous quote or a funny saying about anything that is interesting. It can even be more appealing if it has a question along.


It is also important to give followers an insight of personality; this can be done through posting real pictures of normal human activities. This establishes commonalities with the audience and further creates a relationship with them.


Timing is considered to imperative when it comes to social media posting. It is considered unwise to post while everyone is asleep or at work. The best times when people are likely to check their social media network updates is when people are in transits or after work. Applications and tools can be used to increase engagement in social media by helping users to post at the right time.

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