Corporate security is a top priority these days with the serious security threats that companies are facing today. It is hard to be confident in an organization’s security procedures because of the constant attempts at breaches to the networks and systems and companies.

Security Threats

One of the biggest modern security threats is data breach. This is often caused by poor networking choices. It can be very expensive for small and medium sized businesses to obtain top-level networking services. Small businesses are therefore using networking systems that are designed for at-home use. Bypassing secure routers is a big threat to companies.


Another large security threat to businesses is insecure new computers and hard drives. Businesses choosing to have their IT system installed by a professional may then go on to upgrade a computer manually. This poses a security threat on a business network because new computers have to be professionally secured, or else they give an entry point for people to hack into the system. These are just two of the major problems that businesses face if they do not use a professional to install and manage their digital security system.

Extortion is a huge modern threat to businesses. No matter their motivation, hackers will continue to extort small and large businesses. Small scale extortions have always been common, but larger scale operations these days can lock a business out of their data until a certain amount of money is paid. This may be initiated by disgruntled employee or external hackers who also pose the threat of data leaks.

Blue Coat Systems

There are several companies that help businesses become and remain secure, a great one being Blue Coat Systems. Blue Coat is an industry leader in enterprise security. They provide services both on-premise and through a cloud-based system to help companies protect web connectivity, combat security threats, and respond appropriately to any breach of security. Almost 80% of the Global Fortune 500 trust Blue Coat with their digital security, making it a world market leader. This company has been successful in assuring businesses digital continuity and agility.


Trustwave Holdings

Trustwave Holdings is another company that strives to make modern businesses more secure. This security company provides on demand threat and vulnerability, as well as compliance management services for their clients. Trustwave helps to keep businesses at a low risk for cybercrime, reduce security threats. Trustwave transforms how companies manage their information through cloud based and managed security services. Their team of security experts, including ethical hackers, enable businesses to operate at a low threat level.


Digital Security Controls

DSC (Digital Security Controls) is also a global leader in digital security. DSC is an innovator in top level security monitoring, wireless security, and ensuring online communication security. Their proprietarily designed and manufactured security control panels have made a worldwide impact on businesses.


Bae Systems

Bae Systems provides some of the most advanced security solutions to businesses, with technology-led defense. Working alongside partners and clients, Bae Systems develops products of military standards to keep critical business information and infrastructure secure. They provide support for these products, and they are familiar with them entirely due to their engineering and manufacturing of their products.


Cisco Systems

Finally, Cisco is another worldwide leader in Information Technologies that helps businesses stay one step ahead of hackers and security threats. Cisco strives to create long term partnerships with their clients by working alongside them to identify their specific security needs. Cisco is then able to provide solutions for each business to support their digital success. Cisco also designs, manufactures, and sells its own security equipment.


These 5 companies that make modern businesses more secure are all working to combat today’s largest security threats on businesses. With their ability to create and monitor innovative solutions, businesses can feel more secure with their data and information security.

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