Let’s face it: just about everybody wants to be an efficient person. It’s everyone’s wish to spend less of their time on dull and boring tasks, and more time on things that brings the most enjoyment, personal achievement, and of course profit. While people strive to be more efficient in their lives, there are others who are masters at the art of efficiency. Every moment of their lives is managed to ensure maximum utilization of their finite time. Here are 4 major things every efficient person does.

1. They Don’t Multitask: One Thing at a Time

While many believe they are adept at “multitasking”, studies have shown that the human mind cannot focus on more than two tasks at a time. This is especially the case when those tasks require a lot of mental energy. It’s easy to listen to the radio while driving a car, but it’s impossible to work on two things at work at once. Studies have shown that people delude themselves into thinking they can increase efficiency via multitasking, while they are actually getting less done and the things they do get done are of poorer quality.


Those who are the most efficient focus on one task at a time; by concentrating all their mental energy into a single tasks, they are able to produce work of the highest quality in the least amount of time. In addition, because the works they complete is done with less error, there is no need to waste time later fixing the problems resulting from multitasking.

2. They Delegate Tasks: Leveraging The Efficiency of Others

When you are a businessperson working long hours, a lot of time in your day is wasted by taking care of necessary but low value tasks. An example of this is grocery shopping. Efficient people utilize their time and reduce the opportunity cost of spending time on lower value tasks by delegating these tasks to other people, who can complete them more efficiency. For example, a CEO would be more efficient if he or she delegated their purchase of groceries by hiring a grocery delivery service. A grocery delivery service will cost less than the amount of money the CEO would earn working the time would take them to buy groceries.


3. They Follow Routines, Allowing Them To Better Stick to A Schedule

Despite all the available tools that help people schedule and plan their lives, most have a hard time making a schedule work for them. Efficient people make a schedule work for them by following consistent routines. Consistent routines help reduce stress and give them the discipline to control their lives and better utilize their time.


4. They Make Time To Relax, Which Improves Efficiency and Productivity

It’s a common misconception that efficient people work 184 hours a week and sleep only 4 hours a night. In reality, efficient people know full well that not having downtime reduces your performance over time. By making time for rest and leisure activities, they are able to perform at maximum efficiency.


These are 4 major things efficient people do that help them maximize time, perform at their best, yet still have time to sit back from time to time and enjoy life. By focusing on one task at time, they apply concentrated mental energy to their works, allowing them to produce the best results in the least of amount of time, eliminating the need to come back and fix problems caused by shoddy work. By delegating tasks to those who can complete them the most efficiently, they save time and reduce losses in opportunity cost by wasting time on lower value activities. By following routines, they are able to maintain the fortitude and discipline needed to weather the stresses of life and stick to their schedules. By making a commitment to make time for rest and relaxation, they “recharge their batteries,” giving them the endurance to achieve their goals long term.

The success of efficient people is not limited to these 4 things, but by following these four habits, anybody can better improve their efficiency and begin a life of fully utilizing their valuable but finite time.

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