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As baby boomers begin entering the twilight the best ways to reach them are changing. This very large population is no stranger to technology but has several issues with consuming information. With age comes common medical issues such is reduced eyesight and hearing. The senses begin to dull. As a result it is important to make some tweaks when marketing towards this group. Just by making some simple changes you can greatly increase your audience to include those in a higher age bracket.



As you get older hearing is reduced. Because of this medical fact, video advertising might be less effective with older populations. There are several ways to overcome this obstacle. Deciding to use less wording and more visuals to illustrate your message is one way to overcome. In addition to this approach you can invest in a captioning service to help those with limited hearing.



Another issue with ages is limited vision. For most adult, age 40 is when these issues begin to occur. As you get older the small muscles around the eye become weaker. These small muscles are what help the eye to focus. Just as with auditory issues there are a variety of workarounds. The easiest of which is to include larger text.


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